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Mom with the horse named MooseSomeoneSays has been online since April 2004, offering an anonymous forum to share a thought, to rant, to rage, to confess, to offer an idea or to simply state a feeling.

Often we are obliged to suppress what we hold true for the sensitivities of others, or we keep quiet through fear of being misunderstood. Sometimes we have a feeling but don't yet have all the words for a conversation - or even just someone with whom to talk.

SomeoneSays' creator, Eileen MacQueen, envisioned this site as being an opportunity to throw things out there, a chance to share our secrete joys, or to find relief from admitting a guilt, or the liberation that can come merely from knowing we have said a thing.

In the Fall of 2010 Eileen was diagnosed with relapsed leukemia and through the daily grind of treatment she gained a little strength by looking ahead to the many things she planned to do once she came out the other end. She took inspiration from thinking of old projects she wished to develop further and imagining many new things she envisioned diving into.

SomeoneSays was redesigned in December 2010 for Eileen's planned revival, however her condition unexpectedly deteriorated over the holidays and she passed away January 13 2011 before even having had a chance to see the new look.

One of many interests Eileen dreamed about during those last long hospital days, SomeoneSays is really only a small thing. But a wonderfully simply thing too - it is the chance to talk even if no wants to hear it, to shout what you want to share, to be heard for what  you can only whisper.

And in honor of Eileen, we will continue to keep the light on as long as possible.

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