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This is a totally anonymous board so please don't post anything that could identify any individual.

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This is wonderful!



Watching Bernie Sanders today and WTF?? How can people stand this guy????? Everyone in class loves him but he's a total moron. All he does is preach preach preach while he makes millions selling books to other morons.



medicare-for-all means putting the government in control of it all so here's a question for thought: name ONE area of our lives that government controls and actually works the way they said? the military, infrastructure, education, you name it and the government is always over budget and under delivered promises. we are going to trust them with our lives now too?



The reason people need a site like this is because its not safe to talk aloud any more. There's always someone whos going to be "offended" or insulted, or at least claim that they are.

And even if the person your talking to isn't offended there could be a camera or smart phone recording you. Then the next thing you know is your being attacked on the Internet for something you said that was recorded but not in context.

Everyone is attacking everyone now just to become famous themselfs.


Pete T

I think about dying all the time. I think I want to die. Like I can't wait for it to happen. I just want it. I'm tired and everything is the same all the time. It'll never be different until I'm dead.



I got a lot to say and want to name names. LOTS OF NAMES!

I'm going to write a book and put it all out there so that everyone knows the truth and knows that when you betray someone you better be sure they don't have such big dreams that you can't keep them down forever!






there are all these red spots or blotches on my legs and i don't know what it means. there red mostly but kinda have a white cakey on them too like dried skin or something. i've looked at pictures everywhere but nothing matches them!! i really need help!!!


scared person

What are people allowed to talk about here?


Curious George

There is no such thing as life after death. Get real man. We live and then we die and that's that. Deal with it. Waste of time to research that crap.



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