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I am dying about colon cancer and can't tell anyone becuz it souds stupid and its to personal. I'm feel stupid but lost and want so much to say something and not be to afraid.


I have Cancer

Happy Birthday Darlene. I don't know what else to say and I can't even say that to you in person. I miss you so much.


u know who

life isnt safe so lets ban life! Im so sick of the leftards they just want to rule us to death.



I need a job asap. Cash only. Where do I find this?


Need Work NOW

There is NOOOO such thing as racism any more. Everyone should just shut up and stop making up reasons to get attention by acusing other people of being racists.


White Chick

They should hurt like I do and no how much It hurt when noone even hugs you.i should cut myself and make them pay attention then maybe I'll matter.



I'm alone in the world. There are a few I love with all of me but they are safe and don't need me now and no one else does so I'm alone. So why am I here then???????????? Life makes no sense.



we did moon walks too



why is it bad now that we tried to dance like Jackson and do moon walks as kids just because we were white kids? we liked the guy too.


My Name

morning sucks and thats all i say



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